Elevate your agency into the digital future

Bid farewell to cumbersome forms and embrace the era of instant online quotes. Our mission is clear: empower you to sell more effortlessly through the magic of automation.

Power of integration

Say goodbye to data silos and hello to efficiency. Providing you a unified and connected approach to managing your insurance sales.

Instant quotes

Obtain Auto & Home quotes in just a few clicks. Our intuitive web app simplifies the entire process, ensuring a seamless and stress-free experience.

Mobile compatible

Seamlessly crafted for on-the-go access, it ensures users can effortlessly navigate and retrieve quotes with ease on their mobile devices.

Real-time leads

Receive fresh, high-quality leads directly into our online quoting web app. Time is of the essence in the competitive world of insurance sales.


Take ownership of your data and become its master

Unleash the power of efficient data acquisition with our streamlined carrier data download platform. Access information from carriers seamlessly, saving you time and ensuring that you are always working with the latest and most accurate data.

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Real-time Data Integration

Receive updates on policy adjustments and payments directly from carriers. Keep in sync with your customers and stay consistently up-to-date to prevent any potential churns.

Master and Manage Your Data

Take control of your data like never before. Our platform empowers you to master and manage your information, ensuring data accuracy and integrity.

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

Ensure unparalleled customer satisfaction with our advanced customer tracking and churn prevention features. Gain real-time insights into customer interactions and preferences, allowing you to proactively address their needs and concerns.

Accelerate Operations

Enjoy faster financial reporting, transaction processing, and overall agency management. Whether you're handling day-to-day operations or managing complex tasks, our platform is tailored to enhance speed and precision.

Our commitment is to focus on what matters most: Your success!
— Bermuda


Focusing on what matters most

We believe in the power of streamlined solutions and cutting-edge technology.

In a world inundated with complexity, we choose simplicity. We believe that by harnessing the latest advancements in insurance technology, we can empower you to achieve your goals effortlessly.

Our belief extends to every facet of our platform. From providing lightning-fast quotes to seamless lead automation, we are dedicated to simplifying your journey. It's about believing that technology should enhance, not complicate, your processes. Join us in embracing a future where the focus is on what truly matters – your time, your clients, and your success.



We have the right package for you


The standard version


Ideal for small agencies with a few locations and operating in only one state. Basic package offers essential features to get you started efficiently.

  • 1 Month Free Trial *
  • 1 Business Line (Auto or Home)
  • Single State Quotes
  • Personalize Your Page
  • Email Notifications
  • 500 Quotes Per Month
  • Paid Data & Click Leads


Enterprise level integrations


Tailored for agencies that have custom workflows and multiple data sources. Enterprise package offers all features along with custom integrations.

  • PL Rater Integration
  • Purchase Policy Online
  • Send Quote Link via SMS
  • Prefill & Public Data Services
  • Open API / Webhooks
  • Unlimited Quotes Per Month
  • Paid Data & Click Leads